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Inks For Starters II

I received the next shipment of inks a few days ago and it consisted of 14 inks. Mainly Diamine inks because their inks come in smaller 30 ml bottles and there was also one Rohrer & Klingner ink and on Waterman ink.

These inks were purchased from Purepens like the earlier ones and I have been very satisfied with their services. They added a Zebra rollerball pen to my shipment - perhaps it was a free gift for a nice customer or it may have been a hint for me to quit playing with inks and use a normal pen......

Now I have a plethora of ink bottles on my desk to be tested. My journal has creamy paper while my Ink Book has clear white paper and this causes some distortion to the ink tests. I have bought the inks for writing so I make my future ink decisions based on how the ink looks on the creamy paper. The white paper is only for archival and reference purposes. I will make a post of every ink on a white and a creamy paper so everyone interested in the differences can see the comparison.

However I'm starting to find out what are the inks I like in my writing. They all have some kind of an earthy or natural tone. Everything bright hurts my eyes and naturally there are colors or tones that just are not for me.

In addition to the inks I ordered a syringe with a blunt needle so I can suck all the ink from the bottles. For some reason the blunt needles are hard to find from Finland.

I also received my Kaweco DIA 2 last week. I've been using it for the last week with the Cross Bailey and I'm starting to have an opinion of the both. They are not bad pens and naturally they have their differences but more of that in the next posts.

Have a nice week everyone!


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