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Goulet Nation - The Good, The Bad Or The Ugly II

I posted the earlier text to Fountain Pen Network also, but lo and behold, the text was deleted after only a few days and I received a message from one of the mods or admins. I posted my answer as a new thread:
Happy Family
Obviously my post hurt someone's feelings and that someone forwarded his/her bad feelings to someone else and my post was removed. I was told the group in question was set up because the customers wanted it, this is propably true. Then I was told there is no negativity in the group and no demands to be a fanboy. Of course not there is no negativity, it is a happy place and secondly, the sender missed - propably deliberately - the context of my text. The sender continues that any kind of of negativity towards any particular company is not allowed especially if the criticism has no grounds. First of all, this can be read that no one is allowed to critizise any company, ever. My words were about a darn Facebook group, not a company, for crying out…

Goulet Nation – The Good, The Bad Or The Ugly?

Many years ago I used to be a user of a Linux forum of a distribution and everything was good. At some point the developer and the king of the forum disappeared and the other admins started to control the forum. Before everyone knew it things started to change and deteriorate – rapidly. First no one was allowed to speak out of the problems in a negative tone, the onfortunate one who did so, was silenced quite quickly. No one was allowed to speak aloud of the problems in the atmosphere because it would have disrupted the image of the happy family. After a while talking about other distributions was not allowed anymore and that, if something, is very normal behaviour amongst the people who like toying with their computers. Everything and everybody was to be happy. I left the forum for a while. I came back 2-3 years later only to notice that the things were even worse than when I left. That was it for me, I left for good, I can live my life without cults.
I’ve found my fountain pen hob…